The only person I need to take care of now is me

I was talking to a friend of mine who is a mom and she was saying that people without children don’t need to worry to take care of another human. I am only responsible to take good care of myself.

I have been asking the question of what can I do today to love myself. I haven’t always done that but I have been asking it more and more now and I feel like that is progress.

Today I went for a swim to get away from the heat, it helped relax me and get rid of the crankiness I was feeling. It felt so good to take a shower after a weekend of camping and to take a bit more effort in pampering myself. I reminded myself today that hey I am still a good looking person. I still see the beauty in me.

My vacation is over and it doesn’t have to be sad. I can get back into my routine of going to the gym and paying careful attention to my food and just get that focus for the goals I want to achieve.

I feel like the world is a safe place people are friendly and want to help I just need to ask. I do feel more confident traveling alone. It was nice to be the guest of honor by my lovely friends who took me out and showed me their city and show me how they like to have fun and how they relax.

My friends were great they gave me a place to nap what I needed was rest and they supported that decision.

I admire the focus people have in creating a body of work and just producing and staying in their integrity.

I read this article recently saying

“employers have no business telling employees to do self-care until they provide them with just and sustainable work environments. I don’t want to hear about chocolate and bubble baths until I get enough time off work to see a damn doctor.”

To be treated well I need to assert myself to state what I prefer to think about what is best for me. It’s easier to let me take care of me,  I know me best.  You can offer to help but really I am the one decided if i will accept it if I there is something else that I would need or prefer.

My intention is to remember how it feels to be in a state of relaxation and vow to keep it throughout the day the week. I can slow down and I can do yoga here and there during the day as well as take a rest.



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