Break free

I finished my 3rd workout card I thought I would check in to see if I made any progress and I did slowly but surely. It’s coming along. I do not want to take on too much weight and hurt myself because I am trying to speed through this and saying I am pushing myself to the limit. I am going to focus on good form and technique – confidently and patiently

Here are the lowest numbers in April

50 55 30 30 10 10 10 90

Here are my highest numbers in June

120 145 80 50 15 25 25 185

3rd card in July

145 170 90 75 35  25 30 210

It’s important to look at yourself in a playful way just to be curious like a child. Like hmm I wonder why I do that instead of a harsh critic.

Tonight I am going to yoga after work and then off to the movies with friends. I am grateful that my friend help me clean up over the weekend and that I was able to cook so I have that off my plate this week. The movie I watched talked how woman can free themselves from society’s expectations just choose to say no and be ok with doing things that are right for you. It feels better to have people disappointed in you in exchange for freedom and living your true self. People will place us in roles and it’s our job to break out of them to adjust them to disagree and create new ones.


Your name is your identity and it has the most beautiful values attached to it. Your name shows your personality and it depicts your inner self. You are driven by the virtues of your name and it is truly incredible. Share this with your friends and let them know what your name stands for.


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