Why I would date me

I like to travel

I have a lots of hobbies and interests to keep busy and I can share with others

I am debt free and I am saving money

I like to cook things from around the world that are flavorful and healthy and keep active hiking swimming swing dance yoga lifting weights going to the gym

I read a lot and love to learn I am someone who is dynamic i like to grow and improve

I have read lots of relationship books

I go to philosophy parties I like to discuss ideas in a fun and playful way I am youthful and like to flirt

I have positive views on aging

I am loosing weight and it is pretty motivating that I am working on a goal and being successful

I believe self care is important

I like a tidy house and I don’t mind doing laundry

I love animals and nature

I am creative and I am good at conflict resolution trying to find win win solutions to problems

I like to spice things up and add variety to try new things

I like to stay in as well as go out

I do mindfulness meditation which is a way that I can relax and get perspective on situations as well it gives me a chance to strengthen my compassion, gentleness and forgiveness.

I work for a nonprofit that helps person with disabilities and have been in previous jobs that are in the helping profession

I can be pretty funny and like to take pleasure in life I want to know you deeply and love you passionately.

or like my friend would say

I am super hot wicked smart and loyal to the ones I love.


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