Self respecting self development

Take time for yourself is written on the wall of the gym I go to and really that is what the gym and working out is. It’s a time where I can pay attention to my body and give it what it needs. I felt lonely and irritated week and yesterday I realized I need to unwind physically because and take the edge off and improve my mood. The swim I took last night was amazing. I felt so calm and peaceful. I thought about doing that the day before and talked myself out of it. Now that the feeling is fresh in my mind exercise is needed every day.

I was under the illusion this week that if I go out and spend time with others my mood will lift. It didn’t, what did was working out. I am responsible for my own well-being it’s like I had delegated the task to others to cheer me up but it’s my decision. I am the CEO. When I was younger socializing was my priority but now it’s my personal well being. So exercise before events. I believe in exercising my mind as well filling it with positive affirmation and content. I found a list of recommended reading on personal development and found that on bookshare yay!

I am happy that I am challenging myself by participating in the bike for breath event again.  Last year I did 17km this year the track is 24km. Now that dad tuned up my bike it rides much smoother. I donated to the charity by participating and I got someone who donated and  maybe more people will pledge me too. I like that I can support my uncles shop and get some exercise at the same time it’s a win-win.

I got myself an essential oil diffuser that also doubles as a lamp at my aunt new shop, it smells really nice. My mom got me some tea, and a bracelet.

I finished reading the art of flourishing which says that self-care is the base of intimacy and that intimacy was the last step in self-care nourishing ourselves facilitates intimacy with ourselves and others. Appreciating beauty, expanding inner space, living authentically, composting challenging feelings and harmonizing mind and body.

the book speaks of the garden of love where we plant seeds of empathetic listening, healthy boundaries, deepened understanding  and appreciation

pulling out weeds like self-neglect, trying to win, expecting others to read our minds,

I learned something from another book I am reading that there is a difference between judgements and emotions. I was thinking to myself I have that lonely in a crowd feeling of being isolated. Now that is more of a description, feelings are just one word happy, sad, angry, disgust ect.

Saying things like i feel left out is really a judgement a negative thought where I am perceiving something a certain way. Now great leaders break down complex things and make them simple and take action.

People are like desert they are a nice treat, they are not really designed to like meal to keep me alive. So when I tell myself something like I feel misunderstood, it’s 1 not a feeling and 2 I don’t know what others understand. The fact is I didn’t feel good because I was neglecting my needs for exercise, rest, relaxation and listening by going out to a party where people generally don’t talk deeply or get too personal.

It’s simple I need something I go get it.

I asked about how to apply for the big bike event. It seems like a lot of fun and another way to get exercise and raise money for a good cause.

I love the trill of determination the excitement of getting closer each day that progress is wonderful.

I remember when I was feeling good and loosing weight and was happy i was listening to motivation speakers like jim rohn so I will start doing that.

The Olympic Games matter because they embody the Hero’s Journey available to all of us. To strive for more. To meet worthy adversaries. To fail. To grow stronger. To pursue excellence at all costs.

“We hope defeat is in your cards. We hope your hope splinters into shards that you must pick from the bleeding wounds of your defeat.

We hope every athlete you meet is better. More determined than you. Because you need to be tested the same way Wrong needs Right the same way Roar needs Fight. You must fight to be here.

You must pay with sacrifice. You must disregard the price of admission. If you want in it will cost you. It will cost you broken bones and blood.

We hope for a flash-flood of fear and uncertainty.

We wish this misery upon you because it gives birth to brilliance.”

This is what it takes

I see changes in myself in little ways my mindset shifts I grow stronger I am getting mentally more resilient

well with all that talk it’s hot and it’s time for a swim later.




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