Don’t let others crowd the self


This video has an interesting perspective

I love me I don’t need you around to affirm me

Self-love is knowing our value

I know myself worth I am here and I have a purpose

I have talked about not wanting to fall in the quicksand of infatuation with people where we lose our center and revolve around them. We have our own center of gravity people can orbit around us.

Some people just don’t want to be alone, they want to be with just anyone but be by themselves these people aren’t our friends. We need to be valued in relationships. We need to be influenced in good directions to be strengthened.

The quicksand means that we get sucked into helping others that we neglect ourselves. We are doing it out of love but we are forgetting to love ourselves.

Tonight I read women who run with the wolves where it also talked about this subject. We are wild. We have intuition and when we spend time alone with ourselves we become more harmonious with nature and get in touch with our wild feminine.

Do not choose partners that will stifle our energy to create we want our energy to be matched and directed in a good way.

We have the right to be truly loved and adored there is a great love out there that will show us how amazing life is.

My friend says a lot of people are a waste of time when I work with the public I can see all the different mindsets out there a lot of them are not good energies to be around.

It is not our job to be a jackass whisperer just find good people. It’s not our job to win people over to our way of thinking just move on our tribe is out there.

Sometimes we want relationships so much that we create them that is we get excited about the possibility of it. And ignore what the people are actually doing.  When people show us and tell us who they are listen believe them.

if’s not enough to avoid the past but to transform it

self-love is the opposite of self-hate


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