I have the right to be happy

Thinking back when I love another I want to make them happy I want to have fun and connect with them.

So yes if I love myself I need to do what is in my power to make myself happy.

I am worth not sacrificing my happiness

I am worth putting myself 1st

I am worth spending time doing the things I want to and how I want to do them to follow my intuition my dreams my hopes.

If I am not enjoying myself I can go I can change I can do something else that will make me happy. I do not have to stay there out of politeness our of loyalty or obligation.

sure sometimes there are things I don’t feel like doing but are good for me like going to the gym but that is thinking ahead for long term happiness.

It’s not that I just want to be happy but vibrant to love life to radiate joy to be passionate enthralled engaged with it

I want the fire lite and keep it not only lit but roaring

To find the truth peel the layers of untruth

unclutter and see the focus with greater ease

real truth is inside it always resonates

happy child


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