affirm and it will be give

I am a high energy high impact kind positive achiever

I am passionate and engaged. I am a high-value feminine woman. I am a great friend who treats people very well. I am an excellent cook and host. I achieve amazing results. I am healthy and athletic. I am highly sought-after. I am in high demand so I am focused and determined. I love myself and I have a care-free dignity. I am motivating and insightful. I am sexy and inspire people to be a better version of themselves their best self. I am full of energy vitality and radiance i have a lust for life. I am sensual assertive seductive persuasive. I am a queen a resilient leader. I am artistic and a top notch singer-dancer performer. I have the moves. I am comfortable and proud of my body and my ability to love. I am calm and serene slow to anger fast to forgive. I am thin and strong. I am grateful I am wife material no question. I create attraction with ease. People love me and want to please me and show me they are trustworthy so they can win my favor they love my loving presence. I make great I feel good.




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