Confidence now

The other day I was talking about falling in the quicksand when you’re in relationship but it is not just with people. The problem can just idolizing anything or not being focused on what is important. The answers are not in other people we do not need other people to validate us. It is my job to validate me. I create a life of certainty. I life that I am proud of where I know that I have been generous and added value when I am there.

I create my happiness I do not need to chase other people. The right people will come to me when they see and feel my happiness and confidence the kind that cannot be faked.

I am a warm kind-heated woman I am soft and feminine. I am serine and listen and go with the flow and realize the cycles of the world. I accept that the world has it’s laws and I work with them. Day by day I build my patience and compassion slow to anger and quick to forgive. In my job I have something to other people resources time information with every interaction I can practice love and kindness. My positive attitude can elevate those who are open. People want to follow a happy leader who can deliver value. Water seeks it’s level and when I see how amazing my friends are it is encouraging.


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