What’s on my mind

I was chatting with a friend and my mind was wandering wanting to talk about a certain subject I noticed how strong it was how it was difficult to hold back.

I have been wanting to read the bible but I have found it a bit daunting I found a series of youtube videos that breaks down each book in a simple way explaining the themes. I have will be going through that. I like having something to focus on. My mind can be trained to focus on positive things to be grateful. Living in a state of appreciation brings with it great joy. I am reading a book called attitude is everything.

My mind can start imagining and focusing on certain topics and going over and over again. So

I booked a massage for tomorrow it’s been a while since I had one. I got myself and agenda so I can keep track of my appointments.

It’s been a month since I checked my numbers for weight lifting at the gym I see some improvements slowly but surely.

If I want change all I have to do is do things differently. So I went for a walk before bed. I was told exercise is one of the best ways to promote good sleep among st it’s other many benefits.

I also took some time in bed when I woke up to just breath and stretch and relax time for me to just be I love it. I read a book last week about how the breath is important for vitality most people don’t breath as deeply. It helps with metabolism and digestions so good breath work helps us relax and even loose weight which is interesting. Also it just feels really nice.

Self love is important for relationships because when someone loves us back we have to believe that we are lovable.

We all have a leader inside us we have to believe in ourselves. Leaders think differently leaders have a positive attitude we see the outcome and believe it is achievable.

At a party a friend was saying that love is doing right actions in spite of feelings, that is repressing your feelings. So if you are angry at someone you act the opposite way that is loving according to my friend’s definition.  It makes sense for some situations sure, I of course think of a saint but I think love is also a feeling the feeling in your heart. So doing something begrudgingly is not loving to me eg loving out of duty/obligation does not feel good.

Don’t get me wrong I can see the utility in self restraint I just believe it needs to come from a loving place eg that I want to do it instead feeling I have to do it.



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