Can you take me higher

I just signed up for a 10k walk/run and made a donation for my former workplace to raise money for mental health. Yay doing new things and challenging myself. I am excited for the Bike for Breath this Sunday and I thought why not give myself the experience of looking forward to something like that in the future so I signed up.

It will also give me a chance to socialize and meet new people and do something productive on a Sunday morning. I will have an idea of how far 10k actually is.

Off to donate blood tonight, last time I felt off, I think it was because it was late and I had not eaten and drank. This time it went a lot better, I had super before hand and bought myself a new dress and sweater that I have been wanting. I got both my lunch and clothes on a bit of a discount yay. Last year was my 1st blood donation, I have done 2 this year, and I might have time to do a 3rd. I learned that donating blood burns like 600 calories, the health check ups helps

This video suggest that our self esteem has to do with outdoing our parents and peers in achievements. I am not sure I agree. Maybe it’s an unconscious thought that might play a role. But I mean my I do not have all the same goals as my parents and peers our opinions are different on what is important and our definition of success. It does not seem like a good idea to compare myself to others. I can compare my past to my present however that is I am doing better then I was. How do I define better and is that important to me.


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