Confidence is earned

it is earned with hard work. Put it in the time, do my best and do everything in my power and really work then it is earned. Like going to a job interview I can have perceived confidence playing the role acting as if getting psyched up and that is good. What is also good is having the facts to back it up.

I read a book my Mindy Kahling who says confidence is about feeling entitle and doing the hard work.

Doing the best I can do I work hard I know if my soul when I am confident it is unshakable. I don`t want to argue or for it to be debatable I need proof. Bravado is all talk no action.

Relax knowing trusting in myself fully

Faith comes before trust

Faith is to believe and trust is after you have done it

Focus on the things I can control that`s how I can be so certain relevant experience visualization is also experience in the faith stage of success.








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