Your best self

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.” – Helen Keller

Last year’s bike for breath 17km

Div Rank
9 me 121 02:06:48 8.05 Fredericton, — f30-49 3


This year’s 24km

Place Bib Athlete Gun Time Pace
27 34 me 2:46:14 9.75

so 40 mins for the extra 7km I did looks like I am in better shape this year then last year. I lost some weight and have been weight lifting for 5 months now wow…I didn’t realize it’s been that long hmm and doing more swimming and elliptical which is more intense then the yoga I have been doing the year before.

seems like my pace doubled changed from 8 to 17

looks like that’s a good thing from what I can tell and that is a great improvement

I friend gave me an idea that I could enroll in the next level at 68 which is scary but I do not have to finish it. I could do like 36 km say and make my own goal which is to fit comfortably into the t-shirt they gave me.

I am doing it for the exercise, the challenge, to support my friend and to raise money and awareness plus it’s something fun to do on a Sunday. I won a door prize and had super with friends so that was nice. My friend ask her dad to come get me and my bike with their truck to attend the event so that was very nice too.

There seems to be some groups I could get into art, dodgeball, ballet, hip hop, comtemp dance, belly dance. Confidence comes by doing so if I am active and participate then I shall be more and more confident seems logical.


Confident is internal. There are a lot of things that we try to get from the outside like validation affirmations from others external achievements. All of that can fade away that is external. Sure it can help but i think there is something more lasting.

I guess i am not really sure what internal confidence really is. I guess self trust a believe in ones self.

there are also results

I am glad i did the bike event participating is better then spectating

I am glad I went further and faster

I am glad I improved

I am wondering is that external validation or just me reflecting on results.

It’s a matter of perspective too I mean I could look at it that I was the last person and that i had the worst time.

I am glad I went out and did something good for my health both mentally socially and physically.

I didn’t feel like it but i did it out of love for myself. kind of like what my friend was saying the other day love is an action repressing the emotion.

Self love is about ownership and about meeting our own needs

I love that I can feel the shifts that the author talks about

things are easier when you love yourself

my needs get recognized and prioritized doing what truly feels right for me

easier to drop self sabotaging and to accept love

The Magic of Loving Yourself First


Love is humble


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