That feeling of win courage to overcome a challenge

Completed my 1st 5km run today well run walk run walk ect. Some people there told me I did a good job which was a nice to hear. It drizzled a bit and I wasn’t feeling all that great before I got there but it’s worth it now that I know I can do it.

When we focus on what we want, like that feeling of surprise and delight of achieving something everything else like complaints and excuses fall away.

Remember how it feels savor the moment get used to that place of confidence that place of pushing through doubt that place of curiosity of how far can I go when I work hard?

it’s the actions we take that define us

I noticed that after the race my day was positive and was in a good mood/attitude I rested and went out to trivia our team did a lot better than last time. It was nice that we celebrated our wins. I was able to put the prize I won from Bike for Breath to get my friends in for free this round. Out team captain paid our league fee, another paid for snacks to share, my friends offered me a drive home, many hands make light work. It’s cool how it all comes together.

On Friday I rested it and watched one of my favorite comedians who made a good point that people nowadays do not take time generally to appreciate what they have and get frustrated and do not contribute. There are lots of things to be grateful and amazed about there are lots of ways we can make others day by being kind and considerate.

I went to brunch with friends where I learned what my name looks like in Arabic









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