I can start now

I have been overeating over the past week so yesterday I started behaving myself and making good choices.

Tonight I went to a meet up group on Personal Development and Growth I met a couple new people and got aquainted with someone I met earlier this year.

We talked about books that inspired us and try to draw the useful wisdom from them. The laws of success of the universe if you will. .One of the ideas was

cultivating habbits that move you towards where you want to be visualizing where you want to be taking action playing the part with enthuiasm

I was saying that for me its my new running shoes it makes me feel like an athlete I feel like I belong when I look like others in my team I believe I am capable and that is positve I can see myself having success because i feel like I am at the right place at the right level where I can grow.

Tonight I bought myself a new shirt with some positive affirmations on it.

During dodgeball I was the only one left on my team and I actually hit my target and won the game wow it felt good. I am new and I wasn’t expecting that. My friend told me I had a good throw and was supporting my efforts. I was offered a drive home which was very lovely as well.

Studies Find Physical Pain Correlates With Spiritual And Emotional Pain


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