Today is a new day

I was taken out on Friday to see the Addams Family Musical I enjoyed it I thought it was funny.

What I lack in depth I make up for with shallowness,” Gomez Addams

confidence is taking action in the moment

As of Friday I took a break from Facebook. I am in control of what I choose to do. I am bring more focus in my life by taking this away. I have been reading the 10 second miracle which says you can make a breakthrough in 10 seconds, taking a few deep breaths closing our eyes and focus on what we are feeling in 3 target areas, the head and neck where we feel our anger, the chest where we feel our sadness and the stomach where we feel our fear. Expressing this or factual blame-free truths and taking responsibility to keep our power. The author mentions that it can be easy to fall into victim mode this keeps us off balance. We can get back on equal footing. The book mentions how addictive it can be to play the role of victim, rescuer or prosecutor. I would rather have and be and give love then to be right. It takes little acts of courage of vulnerability. I am willing to make these shifts. Like talk to people a little longer, go join groups to meet new people and engage with them. Pay attention to my feelings instead of distracting myself to say something instead of withdrawing.

I think about all the excuses I have made playing victim I would say things like I can’t control it, Facebook use, investing in relationships that I like, eating, procrastinating ect.

I think about all the people i wanted to save all the people I tried to correct. I can let that all go it’s not what I choose to do or who I choose to be now. I choose to create equality to be assertive direct loving honest kind.

This weekend I will be going to a meditation workshop on opening the heart. I want to feel the loving flow.

I watched a video on self-hatred which mentioned that we need more then a superficial solution the problem is deeper then just positive affirmations we need to face was is uncomfortable

I found this little guy when I was home at my parents isn’t he cute little soldier boy. Remember to play to have fun I love little toys. 🙂

Six months ago I joined a gym

I started using the 20 minute fit fix weight lifting program. Pretty nice reflecting on these numbers. I cut down the weight some I am getting to the point where it’s too heavy to keep good form. I will have to talk to one of the staff to ask if they can suggest any modifications for the free weights I have out grown.


50       55       30      30         10        10         10        90


185   200    115      110        70        30        40     265

Today is Dodge-ball day yay! I am excited and I have the personal development group I have a drive with my friend which saves me time I am grateful for that.

Here is a picture of the big bike event I went to last weekend

It’s nice to have friends spontaneously join in. I scored a few points and encouraged my friends and chatted with some new people today.

The Rules of Dating for Queens


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