I feel and I am thankful for the vibrant energy I feel

I went to my 1st learn to run clinic I found it fairly easy. I was at the head of the group with a couple others. The people where nice and encouraging. A lady told me I run fast and that she hopes I stick with it another said I seem active. I had some energy and I felt good after the run. I found a log online where i can keep track of my runs.

I did some chores around the house made some healthy meals and made some good choices today. There are some good books I am excited to read.

Yesterday I went to the mediation center. I noticed how much fear I had around being helpless like I was facing it and coming to terms with the idea of that the basic humanity of it. we had an interesting discusion about kindness. I woke up refreshed this morning I think the mediation had something to do with it.

I had a chat with my manager about my performance review he asked me to do a draft he was happy with the effort I put in and really encouraged me to sell myself and see this as a positive experience. He reframed the idea of it and I am thankful. I have some ideas on how to really make it better perhaps even fun. It’s my chance to talk about my work my job how I see it. I can draw from the information I have. I have a new hope. Career is shaped by outlook and a positive mental attitude. Today I saw a performance review as a way to create my workplace reputation a way to build my future. A chance to explain my philosophy on how I approach things at work. What I would like my future employers to know. This seem promissing and intersting to me. Now I have the right attitude to do a great job at this. It is posibility concieve believe acheive.

I have been having a great week I am really happy with all these new insights the vibrancy that I feel. I look forward. I have a good life I have a lot to be thankful for. It is really amazing when I think about it and take the time to appreciate it.

There is a zombie 5k coming up next month should be interesting. Running in the trails being chased.





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