My strength is in knowing who I am & being open to new experiences

Phiew my interview is over I cried afterwards. I had a lot of nervous energy going in. She told me don’t be afraid to really sell yourself.  I am doing better then last year feeling more confident and actually applying for opportunities yay proactive steps to career advancement

the other day was my workplace’s employee appreciation day where we gathered together to share stories. The story I shared was a personal one talking about the importance of being given the chance to experience success. I thought about how much more confident I am now then when I first started. What with only less than 32% of persons with a vision impairment having a job. It puts a lot of pressure to be exceptional to make it in that employed percentage. Roles models are few and far between and doubt creeps in what if my best is just average and that is not good enough. Sure it’s natural that many young people face the imposter syndrome when they start working. There are lots of stories of struggle, of being left out, of victim ect. What inspires me is the ones who make it through to tread the path and make a good life for themselves and make a positive impact on others. So having real tangible experience in a supportive and encouraging environment to be able to contribute is really important to me. My vision is that we create an environment so that 32% becomes much higher and these success stories become the norm. I have always found it funny in the disability supports sector how there is so much work to be done and so many people that want to work. That there are so many voices that need to be heard and so many people that could tell them. Let’s bridge the gap and support the active participation let’s encourage and give people a chance to grow to thrive to show how a truly inclusive society looks like. Let’s foster leadership as confidence comes with action.

I was scared telling this story but I am glad I did the energy in the room shifted, I felt heard, and people seem to appreciate and where supportive on what I had to say. I wondered if it was worth sharing I took a risk I was being vulnerable again I shared it on facebook and to my great surprise I had lots of people like and love the post. and someone suggested I should apply for the premier’s council’s status of disabled person’s board of directors. I gotta go for it and lean in instead of hold back like sheryl sandberg would say.

I bought this when I was in Halifax it was fun dancing and exploring the city a bit

I paced myself taking breaks and resting when possible. I pulled a Fred Flintstone by taking two workshops at once going back and forth and I actually caught up in both ahha.  I asked some people to dance and got asked as well which was nice.

I enjoyed my 2nd run on Thursday night a couple people told me that they where glad to see i came back I hurt my ankle over the weekend I hope I can still run and play dodge-ball soon

Today I booked a massage for later this week and entered to win a free one as well

I got my bike fixed tonight a friend of mine was kind enough to come fix it. I spent the night resting, cooking and cleaning up my place.

“I Still Don’t Know How to Let Someone Look at Me:” On Fatness, Relationships & Loving With the Lights On


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