Confidently building my career

I applied to be on the board of directors for a couple organizations. I feel good about that putting myself out there. I want to learn more about governance and policy. I registrered for some online courses to develop my skills.

I enjoyed myself last night a friend of mine took me out for a drive our conversation flowed it was fun. My ankle wasn’t ready for dodgeball. It was nice to be one on one and socialize. I like to make people feel like they are at home with me like we have been friends for ages.

A few people have said to me after they noticed me chatting with a stranger, I thought you knew them by the way you where talking ahha.

I like that about myself. I like that I am writing down feedback from the callers at work more and I can see some changes as a result.

I did a quiz online to find out my erotic type. Looks like I am a sensual person that is I like to relax and feel into my body. I like the energetic type to which is connecting and being present.

I love how my body heals quickly I hurt my ankle on Sunday and I was able to still go to my run clinic and then a haunted hike with some friends of mine who where so nice to wait for me and come pick me up. And tomorrow I will be able to keep my goal of going to dodge-ball at least once a week yay.

I found another job I could apply for it seems very interesting. I was able to show my boss how to enroll and audit a course with coursera in helping him I learned what his interests are and they are similar to mine so now I have even more courses I can take on there.

There is lot’s going on I have been invited to a few Halloween parties. Lot’s of new things courses job applications exercises activities ect. So I am going to skip the zombie run tomorrow rest my ankle and knee.

Here is the plan I could go running on Wednesday at the run club which is free instead of on Thursdays. I like the feeling of progressively running longer whoo hoo.

Image result for learn to run


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