Listen to the wisdom of the body

The slower I go the faster I get there. It is important to rest to relax to feel at peace and calm. One of the folks at dodge-ball gave me a drive home and during our chat in the car he suggested to me that I replace running with yoga. He is an Olympic coach and owns and a tae kwon do studio and is a good athlete who says that it is better to do static repetitious exercises like push ups, squats. using resistance bands, weight lifting, jumping jacks, boxing. He was saying running will destroy and age the body when you are not ready for it and not physically fit. He talked about training the body to do explosive movements. He recommended cutting out sugar and including fats like avocados, hep hearts. I knee has been hurting. He was saying basically train each muscle to get stronger and preform better 1st which makes sense even the eastern philosophy of exercise.

I love me!


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