Self by association

Some say Halloween we can express ourselves show different sides our personality and some say it’s putting on a masking and being someone else. I was invited to a philosophy party where you dress up as a philosophy or philosopher ready to talk about it. So I dressed up as a mistaken identity. I place a bunch of names tags, photos, medals and some things people said about me. It looked like a lot of clutter and it is they are just labels. It’s funny how we identify with things that are not us. You are still the same person when you move. People grow and change as they have new experiences.

If we keep identifying with things we become a self by association which really isn’t saying much at all. Here I am a chosen pastiche of things. I guess it is fair to say here are something things that influenced me. If I had different things and people around me would I be the same? How much does our environment shape us?



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