yoga challenge

Ok it’s been a while,

I am done 4 of my 30-day hot yoga challenge. I felt really great after tonight’s class released some tension. It feels like I got a message. On the 1st day of the challenge I looked at myself in the mirror and liked what I saw. I had my hair in a bun and i though it looked good. I felt good about this decision. Doing what feels good is more important than doing what looks good. On day two I got a friend to come along and ran into another (one who reminds me to carry myself with more confidence and dignity to be assertive and well spoken and to take care of myself ), I learned about listening to what I needed more then trying to do what the instructor was leading. The 3rd day I was proud I got it done 1st thing in the morning, it’s motivating to complete a challenge and find solutions to be able to meet the goal.

I went on a date this week it was nice. Despite my doubts I told myself I need to give it a chance. This person drove from out of town to meet with me and well the point is to have fun you never know. He made plans to see me again tomorrow.

I started working from home which is nice because I get to do house work during my breaks and I get a nice peaceful and quiet enviroment. I set up my home office myself, accept for the keyboard tray my dad installed that for me today. I felt a nice energy boost cleaning and organizing my place.

I had two friends invite me to dinner at her places. I got a drive home and went to the market with a friend which is ideal for me. I got invited to go to the a film festival last weekend it was nice to see some local films and chat.

Next month I will have visit from a friend I haven’t seen in a year she has been in korea teaching she invited me to come visit her she said I could stay with her and we could have a vacation together over the holidays again which is ideal for me.

I have been fortune once again, I had a chance to try a learn to run clinic for free, I decided not to sign up because it was expensive and I could go to the run club the day before and pratice the same drills. Turns out the run club is bigger which I have the posibility of meeting more people and they don’t change locations like the clinic does which is again ideal for me. The run was challenging but I felt good that I accomplished it at the end.

I voluteered to be on the swing into spring committee and to be on the board of director’s for the canadian deaf blind association. I want to give back,  contribute and get some experience for my resume. I think it is important to gain skills. It comes with some perks too like traveling a bit for meetings and they are hosting a conference.

I started reading a book with a paculiar title called Find out who’s normal. In there the author discribe ego in a way that I really connected with doing things for show vs doing things that make you feel good and grow.





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