A compliment a day

I am a third of the way done my hot yoga challenge

This week I was really craving more quality time. I had some time to myself time to think time to read to write to cry to let go to relax. Restore and reset are needed otherwise habits tend to slip unwanted clutter can enter the distractions that take away time from what is important. The 1st time I did my yoga challenge I noticed how tight my schedule was and had been for years. I have been single more than I have been in a relationship I like to have room to breath to focus on me and what I need. I had a friend from out of town stay on my couch he gave me this as a gift it’s cute and also did my dishes which was great because I like order and there was quite the pile. I met up with some friends and took him to brunch with us lot’s of fun I ran into a friend she was with someone so I ask them to join us it was nice to just chat with friends I had not seen them all in a long time. It was fun some woman in the coffee shop jumped into our conversation which is really cool I love that I chatted with her trying to make her feel included I want to encourage that. I am saying what I like a lot more a habit I picked up from the friend I ran into she says a compliment to everyone every time she sees them. Challenge accepted.¬† I ran into a friend today he offered me a drive home since it was raining it was a short interaction but I managed to compliment him anyway. I love to give and be around givers. My friend told me I am an inspiration I am always doing stuff and working on myself.

I have been able to say what I don’t like either eg setting boundaries. I was really feeling overwhelmed by the dishes and said so and my friend offered to do them. I was feeling really annoyed with daily text from a new guy I am dating so I told him I had to tell him twice. I told my friend to change the subject and he did as I didn’t want to talk about work after work I wanted to be more light-hearted in my conversations. I think this yoga challenge is really helping to say no I don’t want this in my life I want to make room forfor something that is of value to me that enriches my life. I felt so much better after expressing my frustrations with texting.

I work from home now so I had to rearrange some things in my apartment I like it. I am more mindful of my environment

So this is my favorite dodgeball picture so far that night there was a formal dance in the next room so I invited one of the boys to join us. I felt like a created a magical moment for him he was very grateful and had fun his friends joined in. It’s fun to flirt and chat with strangers. I felt confident. That night they didn’t want to take the picture because the usual person running didn’t really insist on it at half-time, but we just had to take a picture now we had a laugh it was great. I had fun playing I caught a ball at the end and won the game I felt so happy like wow I did it. A few people praised me on my throw and a I made some points. It’s been 3 months already since I started and I feel like I fit in.


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