Running after success

Tonight I decided to go to the learn to run clinic. I missed it last week so I was scared that it would be really hard and I could not keep up. I did great today it hurt in my sides by the end but I did it. I have been eating healthy and going to yoga and dodgeball so I feel like that helped me succeed. I have made some progress in just 5 sessions. I did 3 sets of 5 mins running 1 min walking. That is pretty awesome given where I started 1 min running 2 mins walking. I felt good and proud of myself and that is the feeling I am after that is why I am doing this that is the motivation. As well as being able to be stronger more athletic perform better at other activities. I love a challenge.  One day soon I will do a 10 k most likely next year. Yeah! I am excited. Tomorrow marks the half-way mark of my 30-day hot yoga challenge. It’s going to be nice yin class my favorite.

Rise above your nature by working on yourself growing feeling great.

Image result for learn to run 10k

The more I like me for making good choices the more self-esteem I have the less ego I have. Face the truth ego is an illusion of how we want people to see us. Real self-esteem produces humility.

Yoga tonight was great we did some things that we don’t usually do like meditation we did some heart openers and stretched the neck. I didn’t even sweat it was nice.


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