A Year in Review

1 I got inspired to start a 365 gratitude project as my resolution for 2017I feel excited about this. And why not start today by reviewing 2016 and looking back to find 365 highlights.

2 Today I went to the store and my bank card did not work so I paid in cash the lady at the register offered me some free cilantro and 2$ off my purchase and wished me a happy new year that felt good.

3 I ran my first 5K in September I had so much energy from it I decided to run another 5k a week later I felt proud of myself

4 Some friends and went to a learn to row clinic I have been wanting to fo for years now and it felt great to finally having to the chance to experience it

5 I joined a gym surprised myself that I enjoyed seeing fast progress by taking time to lift weights for 20-30 mins over my lunch hour

6 DakhaBrakha with vicki

7 escape room thanks to adam

8 blues dancing workhop

9 road trip to Halifax  for swing dancing thanks to jacob

10 snowshoeing thanks to eric

11 hosting friends on my couch

12 tai chi for a month

13 road trip to sj thanks to danielle

14 mae hosting me

15 alex hosting me

16 eriko hosting me

17 angelique hosting me

18 trying kuydo with my parent who came up to see me

19 thanks to nikole take me to nakawick to put on a swing dance show

20 thanks to liz to take me to monica’s wedding and camping

21 thanks monica and her family for hosting me at there camp

22 my parents spoiling me for xmas

23 dad taking nat and me to the movies

24 danielle taking me to the airport feeling cared for

25 free learn to run clinic encouragement

26 going to the market with vicki josh and lita

27 vickis dad taking us to bike for breath

28 winning a door prize hanging out with friends when it was ov000 and being able to share my drink tickets with friends

29 reza taking me to shambhala

30 doing oms and noms

31 getting time off to go to france

32 getting time off a bit of a break for xmas that is paid

33 getting a raise

34 getting a gift card from work

35 annie taking me to halifax for my 2 job interview with ami

36 eric helping me film videos for it and playing chess with me

37 armin fixing my bike

38 isabelle taking me to the haloween party

39 dancing with dale at the electro swing and swing into spring

40 dancing with ian and road trip to haliax

41 hosting shawn and aydin at my palce

42 hosting a swing dance party at my place

43 hosting vicki and louise for dinner

44 my neighbour helping me get my chair up the stairs

45 eric setting up my air conditionner

46 going to the market with rob yun

47 breakfast with panos and his friends

48 yuns party dancing

49 dancing with jd

50 sylvie pot luck

51 sylvies picnic

52 josylne party

53 going to shambhala and dodgeball with louise

54 getting invited to new years eve parties

55 katie asking my opionon on the party

56 meeting up after dodgeball at snooty

57 market with danielle

58 free hair cut from my neighbour

59 getting to doing 2 interviews during work time thanks to my boss

60 movie date

61 movies with alicia and liz

62 boxing date

63 sushi night jacinth playing with the cat good food

64 chatting with joel at healthers

65 yoga date

66 adams family musical  chris

67 yoga picture

68 getting a yoga pass on time for the discount and being able to start at anytime

69 drive with chris at grand lake

70 tubbing

71 learning to play the ukuele

72 being able to clean up during my breaks at work now that i work from home

73 hanging out in halifax playing tourist

74 blair and brigette hosting me

75 dancing with lots of people too many to name having fun

76 hanging out with isabel at lunch

77 getting clay and giving clay

78 making a sculputure

79 re-aranging my ap t

80 cooking new dishes like steak salad

81 netflix death note

82 date a snooty being treated to a meal

83 1st date with will was nice

84 dodgeball date

85 board game cafe date

86 getting invited to tricias

87 film festival

88 xmas party drive

89 sana’s party

90 drive with addy nice conversaton

91 harvest jazz

92 drag show and dinner with roslyn

93 dinner with kristen

94 trivia team

95 mike and alicia picking me up to go to monica xmas party

96 walking with ryan to swing and alicia’s party

97 big bike with danielle

98 conversations with armin

99 reza doing the dishes

100 vicki doing the dishes

101 shanes gift

102 shane doing the dishes

103 colleeens feedback

104 chatting with jd

105 robs party invite

106 kirby night meeting tims brother like debating

107 tristan offering to help me with the ice

108 remembering my dreams

109 may your days be filled with emptyiness ahha

110 sheila driving me to the matri space awarness course

111 my guide during bike for breath

112 yoga challenge energy and sense of accomplishment

113 mediation

114 massage

115 my cleaning my apt

116 first chat

117 a good cry

118 tre

119 prizes at the bachlorette party

120 having a chance to buy table cloth

121 getting a finisher metal

122 the feedback form at work

123 when i got a 100 on my call quality

124 bookshare lots of good reads

125 learning to open up more

126 mediation weekend the poses the quality time

127 time alone

128 time to write

129 finishing a blog post

130 giving blood

131 st andrews road trip with annie

132 traveling alone meeting up with deb

133 guy helping me with my bus ticket

134 yoga nidra

135 yoga points for free classes

136 vautour family reuninon

137 trails with my parents

138 burlesque workshop poses confidence

139 frim fram

140 armin making me super

141 piano at  superstore

142 unplugged with yun and friends

143 finding clothes at home new to me lamp

144 bra shopping found a few dresses

145 getting to keep the matt from work

146 wendy delivering the chair

147 sujan and reza walk and coffee

148 danielle reza and louise bought me dinner

149 dancing with joel

150 rogue after class

151 cruela costume

152 costume identity theft

153 compliments from customers

154 solving problems at work

155 moms soup

156 skype with christina

157 chatting with ariel

158 slippers

159 hand holding

160 learning to like texting a bit more

161 learning to improve performance

162 finishing a cover letter

163 being told my cv is impressive and being invited to a board of directors meeting to be considered

164 biking down a hill wee

165 pig on a leash haha

166 ying drive home and meet up to the market

167 isabel drive home

168 jacob drive home

169 armin drive home

170 gymnastics

171 playhouse free tickets

172 having an excuse to dress up

173 body cream

174 was 337 lbs now 320lbs

175 terry fox run was free and i got to try my 1st marathon made it on time

176 buying running shoes

177 reading funny books

178 cnib day road trip to moncton

179 sharing my story it felt good

180 deleting dating website

181 meeting new people

182 the positive energy some people inspire

183 swing dance market hang out with andy

184 people adding me to facebook

185 coffee date swim with louise felt flattered she asked for my help

186 donating to more charities this year

187 space heater

188 house coat

189 coursera

190 making people laugh

191 hosting christina she gave me muffins and oranges

192 complimenting people and seeing how it makes them light up

193 power outage day off

194 moving day off

195 seeing my moms workplace

196 being able to express myself more like thanking my dad on fathers day

197 buying a watch for angelique it was nice that it was in stock and i had a discount

198 tyler letting me run errends

199 being able to treat annie at science est

200 kindness metter

201 having the chance to practice generosity more this year

202 forgiveness letter

203 inspiring youtube videos

204 hugs

205 dogs

206 rockabilly night letting my friend in

207 nail polish

208 injury prevention clinic

209 free outdoor concert

210 winning a round at trivia

211 buying a candy bowl and entry for friends

212 play with sana and panos

213 art gallery parents lita and josh

214 the library find good materials

215 trying out a new restaurant

216 flamenco concert with marta

217 going to the gym

218 generosity policy

219 not getting my apt burned down

220 seeing some fireworks with friends

221 photo meet up

222 danielle making me super

223 playing with toulouse

224 the kid a the pool

225 sympfunny orchasta with mura

226 party at odettes playing cards

227 buddy and cloe

228 haunted house road trip friends waiting for me

229 shabam with lita

230 comedy show with friends supporting them

231 josh driving me home

232 craig talk and driving me home

233 inviting guys in suits to play dodgeball ahha

234 post wedding party with rosland

235 caroline games night

236 caroline willing to host me

237 dance social at the church

238 church

239 getting invited to tanyas party

240 clubbing with litas friends girl time dressing up jos

241 dodgeball party june

242 physical theatre

243 suffergrate movie reza

244 sledge lita josh

245 liz party invite for easter

246 mexican party alicias

247 be your own boss event

248 music at work lifting my spirts

249 bimpbimpba

250 learning to cook new things and they are healthy peanut soup

251 resting

252 seeing how much i have changed

253 realizing when i let go something better comes along

254 post run message

255 finding a old toy

256 walking around the shambhala center in the fall

257 being able to sit still for a whole session

258 mindy project laughs

259 fundamentals of caring heart warming

260 couscous tabouleh

261 tyler giving me consistant attention

262 swimming and hot tub

263 realizing exercise will make me feel good

264 getting new sun glasses

265 new hat and scarf felt like  a traveler

266 zuccini noddles

267 breath easy tea

268 kapha tea

269 tea reza bought for me

270 jp at cora’s

271 tent eriko put up

273 meals angeliques family cooked for me

274 cooking with eriko

275 movies on the plane

276 boat ride

277 art museum

278 castle

279 sea weed tai milano

280 tried pho soup

281 persian rice dish adas polo

282 feeling pretty in pictures

283 completing 24k this year for bike for breath

284 dancing with so many people and having fun at swing into spring

285 switching roles dance was really fun

286 scrubs new shows i didnt wathc before

287 I was walking home and some guy on the street rolls down his car window and says he wants to get me a wedding dress #drivebyprosals

288 yellow thai curry shambhala and ying

289 france farm

290 france saying good bye on the train

291 cheap flight

292 ida driving me back from halifx early

293 rimoulade

294 dale helping me with videos

295 bookclub personal dev louise inviting aydin and shawn feeling the positive energy

296 the beautify of dance videos

297 just cuddle

298 existantial bummer

299 giving a plant to joslyne

300 organge is the new black

301 connecting on the phone

302 flirting the fun and excitment of it

303 new laptop

304 accuradio

305 keeping a food diary

306 going to dodgeball reguarly

307 just passing through

308 isable songs

309 play like a girl fitness videos

310 taking the bus finding a new route

311 cake by the ocean

312 songs on my stream and phone  to got ot the gym

313 therapy with mental health

314 new fitness shirt

315 doggy siting with danielle

316 contemp dance at the old y

317 karma kitchen

318 sleeping in

319 playh ful ness at the tai chi

320 letting go

321  games nght

322 silly snap chat

323 tourist costue

324 super fight board game

325 art metnal health

326 art at the abby

327 boat dog

328 making points in dodgeball

329 catching the ball

330 improving my throw

331 feeling heard

332 discussions after meditation

333 winning the game scoring the winning point

334 rob made a cake for me

335 jp yun jd rob came to my gatherng

336 chatting on dating sites

337 warmth of a shower

338 clean apt

339 feeling peaceful

340 making my bed

341 dad dismentaling the desk

342 dad drivng me back

343 how easy being my mom’ gift online

345 noticing how things that used to bug me dont

346 water

347 poached salmon

348 angelique mom silliness

349 making angelique laugh

350 andrew making drinks for me seeing him again

.351 getting inspired by art

352 hearing ppl in the mental health center say positive things and be kind to each other

353 feeling talented and beign compliment on my art

354 armin in the rain bad soup it was funny

355  taking nice pictures

356 seeing liane in the airport felt reliveved and she gave me good info about my bag savign me time

357 getting calls from annie

358 girls night ahha Image may contain: 3 people

359 dick pic joke

360 softness and comfort of my bed

361 feeling free to do what i want of my day off me day

362 my friends letting me take a nap

363 feeling normal when camping

364 chatting with people in my office

365 feeling connected


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